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    Product name : Tempered Glass-Bend
    Item : Curved Glass
    Price : Negotiable
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    (1)Safety: tempered glass becomes obtuse fragments after breakage because of the release of its inner stress. Meanwhile, the edge of fragment is vertical to the surface, namely, the end face is vertical to the surface without sharp edge. Therefore, it can reduce the hurts to human body and has relative safety.(2)Resistance to Heat Shock : tempered glass has obvious heat shock resistance because its permanent stress layer formed during heat treatment. It can withstand the violent temperature change about 200.
    (3)Resistance to Wind Load: the intensity of tempered glass is 3-5 times to common annealed glass.

    Types: float tempered glass, ultra-clear tempered glass, tinted tempered glass, coated tempered glass, patterned tempered glass, silk-screen tempered glass, etc.

    Specification: size: 90*90mm—2440*6000mm thickness: 3-19mm

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